Reviews for The Flight of Torque

Review on AuthorZoo (December 16, 2014):
Lana said, “…there were many curious world building elements to keep me going. The book was fast paced and full of action…”

Review via email (November 22, 2014):
Ali said, “I love your book!!! It’s amazing, I can’t wait for the next one so hurry up and finish.”

Matthew said, “A well written story by Rebecca, especially as it is her first published book.”

Review via email (August 14, 2014):
Mark said, “It is a gripping supernatural mystery thriller. One should never judge a book by its cover. This is not a Mills & Boon Twilight novel. It is a terrific paranormal suspense edge of your seat read.”

Chris said, “This book is amazing, The author is brilliant, and well you just have to read it to understand…”

Jan said, “I normally don’t read this type of fiction but having said this I thoroughly recommend this book. It was excellent and very well written and I found that I couldn’t put the book down. Obvious the author did a lot of research.”

Elizabeth said, “I received a copy of this book in iBooks for Apple devices. There are a few formatting issues and a few editorial mistakes, however after submitting feedback the issues will be addressed.

The story has a familiar premise, to those that read the romance genre.
Rebecca has managed to write a very action driven novel, fast paced and exciting.

I found the jumps in perspective and time distracting, but this is an issue I have with some novels.

Overall this book was pleasant and achieved exactly what is set out to do. In the next books I hope for more setting development along with the action.

Worth reading, if you enjoy a romance novel.”